An Amazing Store Of Exclusive Hair Dressing Products In Australia!

Give yourself always the absolute and best. Our expert hairdressers are a number of the foremost artistic and proficient in Sydney, operating with all men and girls around the Northern Beaches to search out the designs and hues that employment for them. The perfect hairstyle will fully rework a glance thus whether or not you have got a method in mind, are trying to find skilled hairdresser recommendation and ideas, the professional team of Ebony Hair will notice the correct rummage around for you.

If you have got a big day such as a marriage or formal springing up, having an exceptional stylist that can modify a glance for you’ll build all the distinction. Work along with the ladies and men’s artisan, which is aware of the way to get the simplest rummage around for you. From every casual or low-maintenance towards elegant and complicated appearance, our expert team will build every type of vision you have got a reality.

Ebony’s Mission and Statement

We are an ardent team of skilled stylists who loves to play with hair! Consultants in our salon field, the main mission is to supply our shoppers with best quality in all hair treatments and services recommendation. Our friendly team is committed, with knowledgeable fun formation. We tend to deliver a completely property salon, we tend to care! We tend to worth our shoppers. Our products are one of the world’s best categories in standards of all salons that have a proved log within the hair trade.


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Discerning shoppers from Queens’s cliff to Balgowlah and throughout the Northern Beaches decide Ebony Hair because of best reasons. We tend to deliver a completely property salon, mistreatment top quality product that don’t hurt the world, as well as the Kevin Murphy and Gold-well ranges.

Our Motto: Look at the Bright side of life always!

We always care! We always provide a variety of kertain Balgowlah, hair colourings, treatments, cuttings, styling or make-up services by our expert hairdresser, excellent for every occasion. The bridal make-up and treatments packages have you ever wanting beautiful for your huge day, supplying you with the chance to consult out closely together with your stylist as well Makeup creative person to organize an effort before the whole event, that are a few things our team extremely advocate.

With an excellent client service that got ethical team based mostly culture, which believes out in serving to one another, our main goal is to deliver best and high quality level of client satisfaction. Ebony partners along with the GOLDWELL, our main colour provider, providing the very best quality product and nice education or coaching.

Ebony Hair- An amazing store of exclusive hair dressing products in Australia!

We conjointly use also retail out Kevin Murphy by the secondary completion of various, providing shoppers with lot of natural made products. We provide a bed rating structure, Senior Hairdresser, Makeup Stylist, rising stylist also the Apprentice. Ebony pride their expert dressers on mistreatment solely the simplest for your hair.