Cure For Vitiligo and white spots on skin – My review on white spots on skin treatment using the Dermfix 1000MX UV-B Lamp for Psoriasis, Vitiligo or Eczema


Why Is The Dermfix 1000MX UVB Handheld Lamp so effective..

  1. The Dermfix 1000MX is a unique UVB home phototherapy device providing highly effective treatment of Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Atopic Eczema anywhere on the body.
  2. The UVB 311nm tube specially developed narrowband tubeis is fitted as standard
  3. The use of narrow-band UV-B light at around the 311nm wavelength has been well proven in many clinical trials for the treatment of many common skin conditions.


The Dermfix 1000MX features as standard:

* Fitted with Dermfix 9 Watt UVB 311nm tube.
* European Approved Class IIa Medical Device.
* 1 x Digital LCD timer.
* 1 x Dermfix UV Protection Glasses.
* Includes protective carrycase for transporting.
* Lightweight handheld unit.
* Comb section is removable for use anywhere on the body.
* 2 Year Warranty as standard. (does not include replaceable bulb).


vitiligo treatments cure

Benefits for Psoriasis:

  • Quality of life in psoriasis improves Cost-effective option for severe psoriasis
  • Control of moderate-to-severe psoriasis
  • UV-B phototherapy is a safe and efficacious treatment
  • Safe and effective treatment for a variety of inflammatory skin diseases


Benefits for Eczema:

  • Narrow-band UVB is an effective adjunctive treatment
  • Narrow-band UVB notably reduced atopic dermatitis after 3 weeks
  • The beneficial effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on atopic dermatitis
  • UVB phototherapy is a valuable and safe therapeutic option
  • UVB treatment a valuable supplement for the treatment of contact dermatitis.
  • NB UVB may be considered the first-line photo(chemo)therapeutic option
  • High dose UV-B in chronic hand eczema


Benefits for Vitiligo:

  • Narrow-band ultraviolet B is a useful and well-tolerated treatment for vitiligo
  • UV-B microphototherapy seems highly effective in restoring pigmentation in patients affected by vitiligo
  • The quality of life significantly improved with narrow-band UVB311 nm phototherapy
  • Treatment of patients with vitiligo with 311-nm UV-B radiation
  • Achieved a nearly complete and cosmetically very satisfying repigmentation

What is Vitiligo?

  • Vitiligo is a common acquired progressive depigmenting condition that can have devastating psychological effects in dark-skinned patients.
  • Tests were performed on patients younger than 16 years of age with a clinical diagnosis of vitiligo treated using phototherapy at the National Skin Center, Singapore, over a 5-year period.
  • Seventy-one Asian patients ages 5 to 15 years when they underwent phototherapy were identified. There was a higher proportion of Indian patients in the cohort than in the population.
  • The duration of disease ranged from 2 months to 12 years. More than half of the patients had generalized vitiligo and more than one-third had segmental vitiligo. Patients with generalized vitiligo had a better response than those with segmental vitiligo.
  • Reported response rates were highest for narrowband ultraviolet B (UVB) phototherapy, followed by targeted phototherapy combining ultraviolet A1 (UVA1) and UVB; 308-nm excimer lamp phototherapy and paint psoralen-UVA photochemotherapy had marginally lower reported response rates.
  • The duration of treatment ranged from 3 to 40 months and the total number of treatments ranged from 20 to 209 sessions.
  • Reported side effects were mild and included itching, scaling, erythema, pain, sunburn, blistering, and phototoxicity. We consider phototherapy to be a safe and efficacious modality for the treatment of vitiligo in Asian children.

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Dermfix 1000MX F.A.Q

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